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Founded by Shawn Bryan in 2008, and is physically located in Sulphur Springs Texas with a private office also in Paris Texas. Kaybro Technologies specializes in county government, small business and ISD (Independent School District) IT solutions in the State of Texas. While most of our clients are located in North East Texas our services have reached from South Texas all the way up to North Dakota.

Our company is made up of individuals who love technology, which means that even after business hours have come and gone we're all still up, learning, testing and utilizing the newest, hottest tools of which we extend to our clients. Stay ahead of the technological advancements of our age without paying for things you don't need. For questions, feel free to email us here anytime.


"What we provide is affordable solutions & a dependable service, guaranteed."

- Shawn Bryan CEO and Founder, Kaybro Technologies

Meet some of the team

A little more about us

Shawn Bryan

CEO, Founder

With a background in IT solutions and business Shawn spent five years working for Net Data Corporation (a County Government IBM software company) where he managed Titus, Cass, Red River, Franklin and Marion Counties in North East Texas before becoming the founder and CEO of Kaybro Technologies. Shawn's ability to become the median between the master technicians and the average computer user has given us a sharp edge over the competition!


David Janakes

Vice President

David has been the VP and Senior programmer at Kaybro Tech since 2009. Known for his coding brilliance, David primarily spends his time locked up in his office developing new softwares and managing our linux based infrastructures. David's work history includes 10 years programming for the department of defense, 10 years running an ISP in North East Texas and founding the 'Monterey Gaming System'. When it comes to code writing, networking or security there just isn't anyone more effective than David.


Justin Riley


Since joining the Kaybro Tech team in 2011 Justin has used his work ethics to help save our clients thousands of dollars by researching & testing softwares that are energy efficient and trustworthy. While he's not limited to consulting, we do love putting him up front as the 'go to guy' because everyone loves working with Justin. If you have the pleasure of working with Justin on your projects, there's no doubt he'll go beyond what you thought possible. If technology has a solution, Justin will find it.

Seth Bryan

Computer Specialist

Seth commonly referred to as "the kid" has been working with computers since the age of 6. His ability to problem solve, retain information and multi task has granted him a tremendous amount of respect, not only from his co-workers but also from his clients. Seth handles remote assistance as well as on site managements for IBM, Microsoft and Apple. The only problem we have with Seth is that we haven't yet figured out how to clone him. It seems that there just isn't enough of Seth to go around!

Fields of expertise


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Phone: + (1) 903-689-3180

Email: service@kaybrotech.com


*Email server relocation
*FTP Server for Titus County Clerk
*Windstream ISP Network Topology report
*Website design adjustments
*NetData Plasmon Server exchange

*Microsoft, Apple & Linux Administration
*Email & Web Solutions
*Network & Security Management
*On-site and off-site Backup Solutions
*IBM I-Series Console Management

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Copyright © Kaybro Technologies 2014. All rights reserved.





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